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News | Documentation | Source Code | Sample Output | Bugs | Older Versions is a CGI script written in perl. It displays statistics and lease entries for ISC DHCPD by parsing the dhcpd.conf and dhcpd.leases files. version 2 supports version 3.0p1 and above of the ISC DHCP distribution. If you still use DHCPD version 2, you'll need version 2.0b.

If you have problems, discover bugs, have a suggestion, or make an improvement, send email to and I'll be glad to take a look, time permitting.

Current version is 2.1

Download latest version


2/2003: is featured in a column in Linux Magazine. The column is available here in pdf format.

12/2002: received a favorable review in Linux Journal's "Focus On Software" Column.
See Linux Journal, December 2002 (issue 104). The column is available here.

9/ is now included in the PLD Linux distribution!

7/ is included in Mandrake Linux




Source Code 2.1

Sample Output

General Statistics--example

Leases Sorted by IP--example


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