Subject: deja vu

From: (the tentmaker)
Organization: none to speak of
Date: 21 May 1995 04:29:32 GMT


I drop like a tear, drop like the last
rebelling angel out of heaven spinning
down for the deep. Those ever-familiar
flames lick my eyes dry, even though I
beg the darkness for a tear. Just one.
I can cry for hours and no tears come,
not a single one. Emotional impotence.
Love and desire and possibility, alas:
and no consummation- Sometimes the end
of the whole god damned world, and the
rest are merely beginnings, new starts
into. . . what? Carbon copies of times
and places I've been already. Memories
I chose to forget, tears which I spent
years ago. I'll give you a penny for a
new kind of pain. The rest are all old
hat. Even anguish is boring today.

-Omar, the tentmaker

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